In Memory of
Most Reverend
Fr. Valentine T. Schaaf
113th. Minister General

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Order of Friars Minor
Fr. Constantine

Fr. Valentine's
beloved elder brother
and predecessor in religious life.


Fr.s Constantine and Valentine Schaaf The formal portrait at left is believed to have been taken just after Fr. Valentine's ordination. It is easy to guess that Fr. Constantine's religious vocation was a powerful influence on his younger brother.

(Right) photo is from Fr. Constantine's death notice. The text of this notice is (as of Feb. 2000) the only record we have of his life and activities.




This commemorative card (below) tells of a life of quiet service to the poor and neglected -- so typical of Franciscans -- and so in keeping with the life and wishes of St. Francis himself.



The text reads as follows:
Of Your Charity, Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Rev. Constantine Schaaf, O.F.M. who died on October 24, 1945 at St. Mary's Hospital, Kansas City Missouri. Fr. Constantine was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, May 26, 1876. He was ordained to the priesthood on July 14, 1901. The greater part of his life was spent in work among the colored people of Louisville, Ky. and Kansas City, Mo.; and as chaplain of the City Hospital of Louisville and the General Hospital of Kansas City, Mo.

Constantine and Valentine's' father, Oswald Schaaf (right - with second wife Christina (Gruber)) their mother, had 5 other children: Christina (Kroeger), Dorothea (Coughlin-Schmidt), Catherine (Noble), Rose (unmarried), Agnes (Berning). Oswald also had 3 children with his first wife: Peter Will, Mary, and Tony.

None of Oswald's other children joined religious orders, but most raised families -- some of whom still live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Peter Will was a coffin manufacturer and apparently became fairly wealthy, leaving his siblings and half-siblings small but substantial inheritances on his death. These inheritances permitted several of his brothers and sisters, then in their early married lives or with family responsibilities, to purchase homes or establish businesses. The Friars' inheritances went, of course, to the O.F.M. and were undoubtedly used to further the missions in which these two priests were so vitally interested.

Genealogical research continues into both sides of the Oswald Schaaf family, and contributions to this history will be gratefully received.

Please e-mail if you have any Schaaf family data, pictures, or other information.

Website contents are largely compiled from photos and historical information contributed by Annabelle Coughlin Laudeman, great-niece of Fr. Valentine, inherited from her paternal grandmother, Dorothea Schaaf-Coughlin-Schmidt, sister of Fr. Valentine. Other images and information are credited where the source is known.

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