Images from Fr. Valentine's 1946 visit to the U.S.A

Fr. Valentine at St. Anthony novitiate house in Cincinnati during his 1946 visit. This is a reception prior to the investiture for a group of novices beginning the year-and-a-day period prefacing their profession of first vows.

Fr. Pat McCloskey advises that the Provincial Chronicle for the St. John The Baptist Province (includes the Cincinnati province) reveals that the Deacon (left) is Herbert Effler, and the subdeacon (on Fr. Valentine's left, your right) is Leonard Foley. Several of the 23 postulants being invested in the First Order include Kenan (Robert) Hozie, Celsus Griese, John Bosco Turnbull, Simeon Cleves, Salvator Aragon and Hilarion Kistner. If you are, or know of one of these (no longer so young!) Franciscans, please e-mail Bill Laudeman.

In July, 2003 an e-mail from relatives of Fr. Celsus Griese with a note from Fr. Griese revealed that, at the time of his note, he was Chaplain of Bob Hope House.

Fr. Griese reported that (as of July, 2003) Fr. John Trumbull was pastor of Holy Family Church in Oldenburg, IN, Frs. Hilarion Kistner and Simeon Cleves were at the Motherhouse in Cincinnati.

Many thanks to Fr. Griese for his information.

(Left) Another Solemn High Mass at Mt. Airy during the 1946 visit. This second High Mass is not mentioned in the Chronicles so the circumstances are unknown.

If you have information, please e-mail.


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