Technical photography demands images that are more than simply "clear." The photographer must understand the purpose of the image, who will be using it, and for what purposes.

The "cracked frames" image is part of a report on a badly deteriorated, large wooden motor yacht. A Marine Architect using this, and some 50 other photos showing details of the yacht, will estimate the cost to refit the yacht. Typically, these projects can cost upwards of $200,000. The process heater photo is one of several dozen used to successfully illustrate and promote a manufacturer's capabilities to international buyers.

Photojournalism demands an accurate portrayal of the persons, activity, and machinery involved if the image is to compliment the text in the article. The photo of the U.S.Coast Guard Cutter OUACHITA transiting a lock and the utility crew installing fiberoptical cable are examples.

Forensic photography requires the photographer to have knowledge of the physical and chemical processes that caused the observed conditions. The fire-damaged instrument panel may seem obvious, but the temperature to which the entire boat has been subjected was at issue for insurance loss determination. Distortion of the panel must be clearly shown; coupled with data about the plastic, this distortion tells the story. The hull has been seriously overheated and the boat was a constructive loss.

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Cracked hull frame
Hull deterioration in a classic wooden motor-yacht.
news photo
Utility crew installing ducting for fibre-optic cable.

Fire damage - one of dozens of insurance claims in a massive marina fire.

Hull damage, same motor-yacht as above.
Thermal Fluid heater for offshore platform

A "packaged" process heater and controls for service on an offshore oil drilling platform.

An A.C. power panel in a 45 ft. motor yacht.
Flying bridge helm station after restoration
Restoration project results, a large power yacht.

Trim tabs control system in a sea-going power yacht.

U.S. Coast Guard bouy tender OUACHIA transiting a lock on the Tennessee River.
Please remember that the scanning and file conversion process greatly reduces the clarity and quality of the photos you are seeing on your monitor.

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