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Returning after a day's fishing, this Chinese seiner hauls his small boat from a mooring to shore. Using the mooring line in a long loop, he will then pull it back out to the mooring to prevent damage from waves pounding it on the bottom.
An unusual rock formation on the shore at Bang Chui Island "resort" outside on the peninsula. This "resort" is just north of the city of Darien on the Bohai bay.
Bang Chui Island "resort" guest house. The lower floor suite here was used by Chairman Mao during his visits here. It has been kept unused since then. Visible on the pillars beneath fresh paint, are slogans from the "cultural revolution" referring to "running dogs of the capitalists..." etc.

A group of Chinese, escorting myself and my
associate in China, visit the Great Wall
"tourist" section outside Bejing.

Centered on one of the original portals in the Wall, this segment has been authentically reconstructed using (mostly) original materials gleaned from the surrounding countryside. Over the centuries, local peasants carried away huge numbers of the ancient stones which were used for homes and other farm buildings. The Chinese government simply told them "Too bad; those belong to the PRC so give them back -- now!"

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