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Security !
Although the rear trunk on the Helix has a fairly secure lock, and the steering can be locked at a hard-turn position, it is still a little difficult to be sure your costly helmet and armored riding jacket are safe if left on the scooter while you stop for a lunch break.

I bought this 18 inch battery cable to be used with the helmet lock. This worked well enough but it was very stiff and hard to fit through the helmet and a jacket sleeve.

Something less bulky and more flexible was needed, but it had to be something that would not rattle or damage the side panel.

(Yeah - I know that back rest bracket has to be sanded and repainted; as soon as summer heat returns!)

Browsing the WWW, I found a firm making security cables for computers. High strength tempered steel, and plastic coated.

This (1/8 inch by 24 inches) coiled cable was only a few dollars delivered to my door.

It might be cut with a bolt-cutter, but not by a knife, not even a BIG knife!

The cable can be had with your choice of terminations -- these are swaged loops at $1.00 each

As you see, the loops fit easily in the Helix's helmet holder space.

A much longer cable of this type could easily be used here without being noticeably obtrusive.

The cable came from "The Tufnut Works" -- --
located in Tesuque, New Mexico. Check them out!
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