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From a fellow Helecite
here is a neat idea - - -

Check back from time to time; I'm sure that there will be more projects later!
How do "projects" get started???

Two problems were immediately obvious to me when the '94 Helix was delivered (I bought it sight-unseen and had it trucked home.) The first was that it had been outside for much of its life, leaving the unpainted plastic panels a mottled gray instead of a matte black.

The second was that the 'clear' plastic window over the instrument cluster wasn't clear at all. It was nearly opaque.

Neither issue was critical but both were annoying and had to be corrected (okay - I'm a fussy old man.)

Dull gray "black" plastic is a common problem with today's autos, so I figured someone had invented a solution - and a short trip to my friendly nearby auto supply store proved that was the case. Right there on aisle 1 with a thousand kinds of polish: Black Plastic Restoration Kit.

The clouded plastic window might also be curable - I had read that someone had developed a headlight repair kit that should take care of this. Same store, different aisle: Permatex 09135 Headlight Lens Restoration Kit. Peachy!

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And so it starts - other projects may be viewed from links above.

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