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Typical "routine" oil change.
   Here are some numbers for those who are interested in "real world" data on oil consumption, etc. The oil used is Mobil-1 synthetic 20W-50.
   The oil in my '94 was changed on February 21, 2008 at 21625 miles. It was changed next on September 22, 2008 at 23510 miles. That's almost exactly 7 months and just 1885 miles. But these were all short-haul, in town, traffic miles -- the worst kind, in my opinion! The drained oil measured just 24 ounces, but that is misleading because I didn't completely fill the engine in February, being impatient with the awkward position of the filling funnel and a really cold concrete floor in the garage! That fill was about an ounce short.
   Had the Feb. change been a complete fill (0.85 U.S. quart = 27.2 ounces) the engine would have used about 3 ounces of oil (valve guides, rings; no visible leaks outside the engine itself.) As it is, I estimate less than 2 ounces were actually lost, or about 0.0011 ounce per mile. Since at least some of that was WoT (about 60 to 62 mph) that does not appear unreasonable. How is your Helix engine doing in this regard?
   Other than that, the drained oil was dark brown with no "bad smell" and no particulates. The filter screen was absolutely clean.

   Incidentally: I find it best to mark the outside "viewing port" on the oil bottle at the 4.8 ounce level (as near as I can estimate) to make it easy to fill the engine to that odd 27.2 ounces without frequent testing. The fact is, I can barely see fresh oil on the teeny little dipstick anyway, so I don't trust it.

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