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August 3, 2007

Weather? What weather? The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, no wind . . there ain't no "weather" to deal with, so let's go riding!

Packed a ham-n-cheese sandwich and a bottle of water, the little digi-camera, and off I go.

After a frustrating stop at the Chattanooga P.D. in an attempt to be an upright citizen and turn in a report of "suspicious activity" in our neighborhood (they don't have any facility for handling nicely written reports, you have to call 'em in from home...) I stopped at one of the many Civil War sites along Missionary Ridge's South Crest Drive to eat.

What ho! no tables, and only one raggedy bench, covered with a nice uniform layer of dirt (obviously intentional.) Ah well, the big C.W. park is only a few miles farther!

So I ride to the "big" Chickamauga Battlefield National Park, some 6 or 7 miles south; and what do I find? STILL no picnic tables or benches! O.K.-- here's a shady spot in a "no traffic" marked zone.
Apparently there isn't a picnic table, bench, or public rest room in the entire thousands of acres of park, except at the headquarters-visitor center. Boy! This is the way to show taxpayers how much you love them!

Maybe I look a little peeved in the photo; actually I was only squinting to see if the little indicator light on the camera was blinking . . . it obviously wasn't - it had already taken the picture! Sigh.

This picture reminds me -- I have to lose ten or fifteen pounds.

More later - - -
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