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Instrument Panel Damage

I've been told by several Honda people that this is the result of "frost" and sun!

Isn't it strange that aircraft canopies are exposed to far worse conditions for years without similar damage?

Couldn't Honda have found a better plastic for this "window?"

An hour's sanding and polishing shows some improvement, but there's still a long way to go.

This is going to take more work! It looks like the panel will have to be disassembled to finish the job - - - later!

After several more applications of the "headlight renewal" polish the small scratches were nearly gone and only a few deep scars remained. A final improvement: apply a coat of good old Johnson's Paste Wax and buff it well. The instrument cover is now about 90% as good as new -- and that's good enough for me right now!

That's a trick I learned in the 1950s as the owner of a Mercury convertible; its flexible plastic rear window was clouded rubbing against dirt on the canvas top (when folded down.) To keep the window clear, I found that a good thick application of this wax did the job for several months -- and was then easily renewed as necessary.
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