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Garage Door Opener

Pulling the Helix into our garage can be tricky; our driveway is short and very steep, and the scooter must be threaded between two cars with only a few inches of clearance.

It is best to have the door open before coming into the driveway, so I Velcroed a door-opener to the left side of the dashboard as seen here. (Man, I love Velcro!)


". . . SEEN . . ."
is the problem - it's a bit too visible when parked, and I'm too lazy to stow it every time I stop somewhere.

A few minutes in my mini-shop's paint booth - - -

- - - and the opener is black. (I'll scrape that bit of overspray off the button.)

I left the button unpainted so that I can see it as I roll up to the house. The other two buttons are not being used.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking; "Doesn't that defeat the purpose of painting it black?" Hhhmmmm - - here it is as mounted.
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