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In an effort to learn more about the Helix,
I wrote to the Customer Service address for American Honda Motor Co., Inc:
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.                                            January 8, 2007
Mail stop: 100-4C-7B
P.O. Box 2200
Torrance, CA 90509-2200

Good day;

I am a 74 year old "Honda fan;" although perhaps not in the sense you might prefer. I now own two Honda scooters and have owned a third in the past. Those scooters were bought primarily due to Honda's unblemished reputation for dependability and high quality. After years of riding these machines, I can confirm the truth of that reputation.

My latest (and probably last) scooter is your "Helix," and that brings me to the reason for this letter. As a long-time business owner and manager, I find the history of this specific scooter model utterly fascinating. If you - reader - are not a "scooter person" yourself, you may not be aware of the nearly cult-like atmosphere that surrounds this unusual machine. However, as a person involved in the competitive aspects of the transportation industry, you must know of the several imitators now being marketed - some of which are so similar that they claim parts interchangeability! If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this is high praise indeed!

I would like to beg your assistance in obtaining official, non-sensitive information on the background and history of the Helix line. Production figures for the many years it has been on the world market - model change chassis numbers - significant year-to-year differences in construction and design - and so on. I believe that the continuing presence of this scooter in your production may make it the longest-running production transportation machine on earth; and that is something worthy of special note. As a Helix owner-operator I created and maintain a personal (non-commercial, selling nothing) Website ( documenting the history of my own CN250. This Website shows Honda to be a trustworthy and dependable firm and encourages visitors to buy Honda products. Adding Helix historical data will greatly improve my Website while also calling greater attention to Honda's fine products.

Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give me on this project.

Bill Laudeman

I was surprised to receive a 'phone call from one of Honda's representatives -- but not very surprised to discover that she could give me NO information at all. According to this very polite and pleasant lady, there simply is no information available to her!

My next step: write directly to Honda in Japan, in Japanese.

Updated: July 14, 2007 (12:51pm)

Purchased on 11/23/06 Mileage = 17,666; as of July 14, 2007 = 20,050

VIN: JH2MF0207RK900142
Frame: - - - Same as above - - -
Engine horsepower: Estimated 16 to 19 – unconfirmed

Front: 110-100 / 12 (4.00 - 12) 67 J 4.33" x 12" (677 lbs. 62 mph)
Pirelli: SL26 (67J)
Dunlop: K488F (65J) 4218-34 4.17" (639#)

Rear: 120/90 - 10 (MR90) / 10 65 J 4.7" x 10" (639 lbs. 62 mph)
Pirelli: SL26 (66J)
Dunlop K488 (65J) 4219-05 4.72" (661#)

Seat Height: 26.2 in.
Wheelbase: 63.8 in.
Weight: 349.4 pounds dry (370 lbs. curb wt.)
Fuel Capacity: 3.2 gals.

Rear Turn signal: (Stanley) #1073 (aka 37 Mazda, 1057 Tungsram)
Stop light: (Stanley) #2057 (aka L2057NA AC/DELCO)
Headlight: H4 (60W / 55W)
Front turn signal: (? Stanley #1073)

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