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High Intensity Driving Lights

OK - so these aren't "high intensity discharge" lights, but they are at least as bright as the Helix's headlight and claim to be more sharply focused. Added to the front of the scooter they should make a high-visibility package.

Bought from an ebay vendor for about $12 plus shipping (US Postal Service Priority Mail) they were about $22.00 at my front door. The included switch will not be used, and I'll add a 30 amp./12 volt relay so that the lights are on when the high-beam is on and powered directly from the battery through that relay.

<Above> There are the little "bargain" driving lights bought off Ebay for about $25. Although they were not what the advertisement led me to believe (they are "flood" beams, not "long distance" narrow beams) they are quite noticable during the day, and at night they light up the area just ahead and to both sides of the Helix.
<Above> Of course, the camera exaggerates the brightness, you can see the turn signals okay; but these lights cannot be ignored by anyone looking toward the scooter.

Even taking into account the problems caused by faulty installation wiring, the investment of maybe $100 total is -- in my opinion -- well worth the added conspicuity and safety.

Each bulb draws 55 watts, or about 4 or 5 amps, depending on the charging system voltage. This is probably near the upper limit of the Helix rather puny alternator so I'm not going to add any farther 12 volt "goodies."
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