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Competition? Wassat?!?
     So - who competes with our Helices? Strange you should ask; there once were so few competitors that Honda had to invent one themselves - called the "Reflex." The Reflex was probably supposed to replace the Helix, but Honda's marketing folks reckoned without the "spirit of Helix" which simply refused to let the beastie die.
     Instead of going peacefully to the happy scooting grounds, the Helix continues to sell - and the Honda folks are not stupid - so the Helix stays on showroom floors even into 2007, 21 years after its 1986 introduction, alongside the Reflex (but $500 cheaper!)

     Of course there are other scooter builders - a few of them are actually pretty competent as well as competitive. Taiwanese 250s and the big Burgman (although technically not in the same class at 400 or 600cc) have become more than rarities.

     Who knows, if some of these stick it out for 21 years worldwide, they may have something to say about comfortable scooting too!

Here is CF MOTO's (P.R. China) clone of the Helix as seen in their Website on January 21, 2007. These are being offered by at least a couple of U.S. Outlets.

That rear carrier rack seems identical to the one I bought on eBay recently!

Another "clone" has been seen, made by mainland China's Jialing-Honda joint venture; apparently using Honda tooling! Maybe this will be a source of "inexpensive" replacement parts someday soon!

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