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The rack kit was bought on eBay from a firm in California - who shipped it promptly but without the assembly bolts. Those were sent a week later after I requested them.

Meantime, the Grab Rails (Shop Manual page 13-3) had to be removed. Those proved to be a challenge because this scooter had been exposed to rain and snow in the past and although there was not much rust, it was enough to bind these bolts tightly. I actually rounded the corners on a metric Allen wrench, trying to loosen the larger main bolts. And I simply could not budge the two little "inside" bolts seen below.

This (above) is actually the longer bolt I had to use to replace the damaged original bolts removed when taking off that rear grab rail. These have to be left a little loose until all the parts are in place, as things don't align perfectly.

Thanks to my local Honda dealer's mechanics, the original bolts yielded to a proper size metric box wrench after a few healthy thumps of the fist.

However! These 2 bolts can be left in place until the entire "Grab Rail Assembly" is removed by taking out the 4 large bolts - - then the smaller bolts are easily accessible. Learn from my mistakes!

The support plates for the rack are plenty strong, and the spacers are nicely welded in place. The OEM bolts go back in place with no problems. The finish seems to be powder-coating.

With just a tiny bit of bending and forcing, the rack mounting bolts all were installed and tightened. The rack seems to be strong enough to lift the back wheel off the ground.
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