Temptation of Christ
What we have here is a failure
of management.*


The sex scandals blared out today are not failures of Catholic moral standards, they are the fruit of Satan's second temptation of Christ, in the form of His Mystical Body.

This tragedy is the root of Rome's Bureaucracy, a mundane management machine which should never have existed.

This second temptation (See: First Temptation) began with a series of religio-political problems around the year 310. Constantine (The Great) was co-emperor of the most powerful government in the known world, but domiciled in Istanbul, he was out of touch with the central government's power in Rome. The Catholic Encyclopedia® has an extensive and detailed treatment of Constantine and his times, if you are interested, you can read it here.

The details, however, are less important than their effect: Constantine elevated the Christians from a growing (and often troublesome) minor religion, to a powerful tool of the state. The leaders of Christianity accepted the "benefits" of Constantine's generosity, and power invaded the core of Christianity.

Is there any justification in Scripture for a "powerful" Church? Of course not! Jesus spurned Satan's first temptations, but the offers He turned down are eerily identical to those accepted in 313 by church leaders! The power conferred by Constantine on Christian leaders is the root cause of all of the violence, errors, and public sins committed in the name of Christianity over the succeeding 1,689 years. Today's scandals are a relatively small part of a much larger issue.

The reason that Christians continue to produce much more good than evil, and that the core values of Christian morals, ethics, and worship remain healthy and vital is found in Jesus's promise to send the Holy Spirit, to be "with you until the end of the world" to guarantee that "the gates of Hell will not prevail...". This does not say that today's Catholics -- and other -- Christians are what they could be or should be. Weighed down by an enormous "management system" and supporting a huge system of worldly influence and material inventory, it is miraculous that the majority of clergy and layity remain faithful to Christ's commands.

Note that most other Christian denominations suffer under a similar, if less egregious, management burden. The exceptions are those begun by idealists seeking to flee from the "powerful" Christian church(es) to a more sparse and simple style of life. Unfortunately, reformers have always managed to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and in fleeing the Roman Catholic power, they also abandon the Apostolic Succession and the Real Presence -- the "rocks" which are the real foundation of our Church.

Is there a solution to the power-hungry Ecclesiastical bureaucracy that engendered the Crusades, the Inquisition and every other shameful chapter of Catholic Christian history?

Yes there is a solution: give up the power!

Will this solution be applied by those commanding the worldly influence of the Catholic Church? Only through the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for it!

If you ask any priest or bishop; "Would you like to be freed from your administrative duties?" The answer will be "YES!" And if "The Roman Bureaucracy" was dismantled, or had never existed, what would happen to the Catholic Church? I can't know, but if you are interested, here is my guess.

* It should go without saying that everything here is my personal opinion, which you are free to reject or consider.
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