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Reconditioning, restoring, or merely repairing an older motor scooter can be a considerable challenge because the manufacturers are generally unsympathetic ("Hey, junk it and buy a new one, dummy!") or long gone out of business.

There may be a local shop to do some repair and restoration work, but these aren't easy to find if you aren't in a big city, and even when you find a shop, it often specializes in one or two brands of "collectible" scooters.

Some of the resources linked here are gateways to further resources, so be prepared to search out "Links" pages in their Websites. You might even e-mail the owners to ask humbly for their advice.

If you find a great source of advice, parts, or services, please share it with us; click here to e-mail the link's URL - I'll post it here with our thanks! Please understand that I'm not responsible for the contents of these Websites; if you think something is offensive, let me know.

Although the American Motorcyclist Association may not yet be a "scooter" group, they are influential and support scooterist's issues.

I joined the AMA to become active in promoting scooterist's interests and to encourage the leaders of this association to recognize that there are no essential conflicts between "motorcycle" and "scooter" issues.

I have e-mailed the president to suggest that the AMA approach some of the larger Scooter Clubs to offer them a forum for discussion of common interests.

Street Survival
This series of short articles by Art Friedman is just about the best source of good ideas and advice I have ever seen written anywhere! Read them!
Honda NH-80 Aero - Lead
online owners' club
No longer being updated, but still available to owners of the orphaned NH-80
Bike Bandit - Parts Bandit
Find parts for your classics. Also assembly drawings!
Doug Simpson's MyScoot
As of 11/12/08 I could not find Doug's Website online
Scooter Trash
More than 500 links to Scooter Websites worldwide
Bike Links
Loads of links to all sorts of bike Websites
Helm, Inc.
Buy copies of Shop and Owner's manuals
Protective riding gear
Protective riding gear, etc.
The Virtual Junkyard
Buy a junker for parts (May be quitting business.)
Repair Manuals
Buy copies of original Honda (and other) manuals
"The Best Scooter Links"
Be prepared for some weird stuff here!
Motorcycle carriers for car or truck
Discount Ramps
Many kinds of ramps and carriers for scoots
Scoot! Quarterly magazine
For classic and new scooters
This one might be misleading - it is a self-promoter
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