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Having owned a Honda NH80 "Aero" scooter for a year, and finding it limited to about 40 mph flat-out on level ground with one-up, I began to search in early 2005 for something just a bit faster. I looked at new scooters and found the Bajaj (with its 4-stroke engine) and the Stella attractive, and meeting my performance criteria. Price was another consideration, because there were few if any or these on the used market; these machines, new, were in the $3500 range.

Then in August 2005 I was told by Bajaj that no new machines would be delivered until at least mid-December of that year so I (regretfully) turned to the Stella, a 2-stroke machine. I asked my local retailer (Scenic City Scooters) to price a Stella equipped as I wanted, and waited for one to become available.

While waiting, I casually followed the eBay listings for used scooters. There were only 4 or 5 of these nationwide in the 125 to 150 cc range, and only one or two with 4-stroke engines.
One model in particular caught my eye; the Honda "Elite." A bit odd looking, like a refugee from "Star Trek," this scooter is a 4-stroke, water-cooled machine! As any experienced mechanic or engineer will confirm, water cooled engines are capable of higher power than their air-cooled equivalents, and much less noisy (because of that water jacket's sound dampening qualities.) Further research on the CH150 and CH125 indicated that these scooters were even more unusual than a first glance might indicate. If you are interested, here's a 1984 report of a test.

At the time, there were only 3 Elites being offered on eBay; one in NY state, one in Ohio, and one quite near to Chattanooga in Jasper, Tennessee. I bid on that CH150, but when the bidding reached $1,100 I dropped out (the scooter sold for $1,250.) The NY scooter showed some cosmetic damage and had already passed $900 in bidding, and the cost of shipping from upstate NY was going to be nearly $500 on top of that, so that one was out of the question.

With no strong hopes, I placed a maximum bid of $800 on the scooter in Columbus, OH knowing that we could make the trip there in a (long!) day from Chattanooga. A side benefit was the fact that my wife has a relative in the area whom we would enjoy visiting. As this Website makes obvious, I won the bidding on this scooter. We borrowed a pickup truck from one of our sons, and we made the round trip to Columbus (one overnight there) to get the 1984 Honda CH125 Elite scooter you see in these pages.

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